Microphone Cables Comparison

Finally we did the test which has long had intended. Comparison of microphone cables that are presented is done as pink noise recorded from the output of the sound card and another channel is stored as the signal passes through the respective cables. The test is not legal for advertising or commercial purposes and for personal experimental purposes. To make the recording audio interface is used Apollo Quad of Universal Audio. For analysis of the recorded material is used Isotope Ozone. Graphically presented the necessary frequency adjustments should be made to make it as original. That is, when the graph shown that a frequency is -2 dB, this means that in this cable has more than this frequency, and must be reduced to equal the original audio material.
Compared cables are:
– CORDIAL – 2×0,5 CMK 250
– BELDEN – 46349
– SOMMER – 2×0,25 (AWG 24)

Compared CAD M179 vs. Sennheiser MD421 on toms

Microphone comparison – CAD M179 & Sennheiser MD421.
Recorded toms – DW Collectors choice Exotic rack tom and floor tom. Recorded in Renewsound studio Sofia.

Recording gear:
From microphones – Belden Cables with Neutrick XLR’s to –
– Mic preamp Neve 1073 DPD –  ADAT cable to – Universal Audio Apollo Quad audio interface – thunderbolt cable – Macbook pro – Pro Tools 12.5
You can see the positions on the image.

Сравнение на микрофони за запис на томове. Записаните инструменти са от комплект DW collectors choice Exotic.
Може би един от най-използваните микрофони за запис на томове срещу не толкова познат кондензаторен микровофон CAD M179.
Записът е направен в аудио звукозаписно студио Renewsound София.

See the video:

Big Big Big x 8 x10 Ampeg SVT cab comes to RENEWSOUND

You know …. The sound of bass is most important for every song! Always!
The legend – old 90’s USA made AMPEG SVT 810E cab comes to us!

We are happy to announce it. It’s very rear in this days to find cab like this.


Dynamount in Action with guitar cab – RENEWSOUND

The most advanced studio tool already in use in RENEWSOUND. It’s fun to record with Dynamount.
See in action on guitar cabinet with 2 saved positions. Check this video:

For more details about Dynamount check