3A perfect blend of cutting edge equipment and software combined with a wealth of experience facilitates the recording process. We offer a range of recording services including the following:

Music Recording: Signature Sound studio recording packages are customized to reflect the exact project requirements at affordable budgets.


Sound Mixing: The finest analog recording preamps will bring your tracks to life.  The voice and equipment are synchronized to create an engrossing charm through the mixing and editing process.


Mastering: Taking your mixed tracks to the finest level of production, refocusing your sonic signature to a more refined state. This is accomplished by refining your tracks tonal balance and sonic depth.


Music Production: Exclusive support for recording artists, we offer to write, create, and produce music of various genres for a variety of purposes, including theme tunes, ad and TV music, web and radio jingles, audio books, etc.


Audio Post Production: Signature Sound recording services also cater to the entire gamut of music post-production services, such as recording, editing, music composition, mixing, dubbing, re-recording, sound effects design and editing, narration, and production dialogue editing.


Reamping: Offering a guitar and bass reamping service for your music. Wide choice of legendary amps, cabinets and combos, with a variety of most used microphones and remote microphone positioner – Dynamount


Audio Dubbing & Voiceover: Audio Dubbing, Voiceover, Synchronization and Post-Production. The Dubbing can take place in natural or artificial sound settings.

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