Session Musicians

Do you need good session musicians for Your project?

Your audio records will sounds professionally recorded by the hands and with the skills of talented professional musicians.

You want to add ethno elements from the specific Balkan folklore, which is popular worldwide “Bulgarian voices”, ethno┬ádrum, bagpipe, gadulka, kaval etc.? These are some of the local folklore instruments of which there are schools and incredibly good performers in Bulgaria.

Imagine how unique your idea might sound if you add ethno motifs played by such instruments or voices.

We offer many opportunities for that. Check out the portfolio of the musicians we work with. They are professionals in various musical styles such as Pop, Rock, R & B, Indie, Country, Alternative, Blues, Gospel, Americana, Metal, Hip Hop, Punk, EDM, Prog Rock, New Wave, Folk, Bluegrass, Swing, Ambient, Jazz , Christian, Adult Contemporary, Dance, Funk, Acoustic, Contemporary, etc.

In case you are interested and wish to engage some of these professional musicians, contact us to negotiate and book their participation.