A-Design EM-PEQ. First impressions – WOW!!!!!

A-Design EM-PEQ, RENEWSOUND studio productions, аудио звукозаписно студио в София

The original EQP-1 was created in 1951 by Pulse Techniques. The company was founded by Ollie Summerland and Gene Shank in Teaneck, New Jersey, USA. The town of Teaneck is something of a recording legend, as it is also the town where Les Paul (co-designer of the Gibson classical guitar) created the world’s first multi-channel recording studio. Summerland and Shank made the first and then one of the first design modifications to the original Pultec EQP-1A, which remained in production for nearly 30 years.

This unique equalizer has long been an “honorary member” of legends in studio equipment. With a history of more than 60 years, it has been used since before the advent of rock and roll.

In the world of professional audio recording, there are two types of equalizers.
One is the ones you don’t want to hear in action (corrective or so-called “surgical” equalizers), and the ones you’d like to use to “color”, give character and shape the sound.

A-Design’s EM-PEQ equalizer is one of them. It has the magical ability to “enhance” almost any audio signal passing through it.

After extensive research and development, the American company A-Design released in early 2007 the compact model (series 500) EM-PEQ. In it, they have “captured” the essence and character of the original EQP-1A.

The A-Design EM-PEQ retains the design of the EQ section, the control panel and the wonderful “soft musicality” of the original Pultec.

Two of them are already part of the equipment of RENEWSOUND studio productions. The video review was made with them.