RENEWSOUND studio productions

Audio recording studio and creative complex in Sofia, BULGARIA.

Built on the basis of one of the most popular audio studios in the recent past in Sofia. The total area of the complex is over 100 square meters. Designed by standards by acoustic engineers from the Bulgarian National Radio and built in the early 90s, the complex is well known for its numerous recorded hits here. Apart from the wonderful acoustics of the recording room, the dimensions and height allow sound and recording of orchestras and choirs.
We have preserved the acoustic environment and spaces as designed because some things like the “nice” hall never grow old. We added a mood with additional acoustic mobile elements for more features when looking for the best sound.

We are technically equipped with proven and proven through time brands such as NEVE, API, Chandler Limitet, Universal Audio, Empirical Labs, Focusrite, Neumann, DPA, Telefunken, AKG, Sennheiser, Shure, etc.

The institutional base is rich and at the highest possible level. It is easy to reproduce the desired sound from any audio producer and musician with instruments such as DW, Slingerland, Gibson, Fender, Martin, Yamaha, Marshall, MESA, Orange, VOX, Ampeg, Warwick, Takamine, etc.

We record digital audio with The newset Universal Audio Apollo X  Converters using AVID Pro Tools. The operating environment is MACOS.
The wiring is with MOGAMI and BELDEN and VanDamme.
We use plug-ins for UAD, Avid, and others to process the audio material (Mix, Mastering).
The audio monitors we use are FOCAL SM9, FOCAL CMS 50 and the legendary Yamaha NS 10.

So without any compromise we will help you save the next world hit !!!

CONTROL ROOM = 25 m2 / 2.6 m h


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LIVE ROOM = 35 m2 / 5 m h

RENEWSOUND audio recording studio in Sofia, Bulgaria - Live room

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RENEWSOUND audio recording studio in Sofia, Bulgaria - kitchen

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