снимка от сесия в RENEWSOUND звукозаписно студио – Last4Seconds
Image – RENEWSOUND studio productions You wrote a great song! Great! You are excited about it and think it has turned out very well. It has a real chance of becoming a hit. To include it as a soundtrack to a movie. This is great news! Now the trick is to make ... Read More
RENEWSOUND звукозаписно студио - audio compressor basics
RENEWSOUND  – audio compressor basics There are no complicated and simple things. The explanation for them makes them so. Audio compressors aim to optimize the signal level during or after recording. In this way, the weak levels become stronger and the strong levels weaker. The principle can also be explained in a ... Read More
RENEWSOUND звукозаписно студио - сесия Last4Seconds
Image – RENEWSOUND Musicians these days are expected to handle their own production. Marketing, PR and everything related to their realization in the music market. Gone are the days when A&R producers discovered raw and unpolished talent and turned them into big names in the music business. Not only was it such ... Read More
Авторско право - RENEWSOUND звукозаписно студио
Image  – RENEWSOUND  There are two distinct elements of any recorded musical work that can be protected by copyright: the musical work (a written description of the arrangements in sheet music and lyrics) and a sound recording (a physical recording of the performance of that song). So if you record a cover ... Read More
5 съвета при запис на демо - RENEWSOUND звукозаписно студио
With recording technology so limitless these days, and the fact that so much music today is made at home, what place does recording a demo take? The relative necessity of “demo” is now quite debatable. Also, the sound quality associated with so-called “lo-fi” (demo quality) has been aesthetically acceptable for more than ... Read More
RENEWSOUND звукозаписно студио – сесия NDLESS
The process of recording and releasing music has changed dramatically over the past few decades. This is especially true for independent artists. By independent I personally mean not bound by a contract. On the one hand, recording and playing a music album is easier than ever. On the other hand, there is ... Read More
RENEWSOUND звукозаписно студио - сесия NDLESS
RENEWSOUND recording studio – NDLESS session Music production This expression evokes the imagination and the mythic pictures and images of Sir George Martin emerge. They revolve around the legendary Abbey Road or Phil Spector conducting a recording with a huge orchestra. At the time, the term “record producer” referred to the person ... Read More
4 важни неща, които е добре да знаете преди да влезете в звукозаписно студио без продуцент
Photo from a session at RENEWSOUND recording studio Increasingly, independent artists on a budget are turning to high-end studios. How do they afford it? Often by depriving themselves of the figure of the producer and thus “saving” funds in the name of a better product. For those who are experienced and aware of ... Read More
Red Room звукозаписно студио - сесия 08.2015 Париж, Will Knox, Fab Dupont,
Will Knox, Fab Dupont, photo from session at Red room studio – Paris 08.2015 I have been thinking about writing this article for a long time. Now I finally managed to collect my thoughts and find some time for it. Ok Fab Dupont. Some of you may have watched his PUREMIX tutorials ... Read More
Renewsound - аудио звукозаписно студио в София - сесия
photo from a session at RENEWSOUND audio recording studio Everyone wants their recording to sound great. And the desire to make this happen and achieve “huge volume”, many of us follow the path of adding more and more sound. When we’re in the recording studio and things sound so good, we want ... Read More