10 Free Marketing Strategies for Your Band!

10 маркетинг стратегии за вашата банда, аудио звукозаписно студио, София    

Looking for opportunities to make your band more famous? At the same time, you prefer to invest the saved money not in marketing campaigns, but in a new guitar effect, for example. Fortunately, there are many ways that will “show” you off to your fans without spending a dime on it. These extremely simple and insanely cheap strategies will help you boost your band’s popularity and even gain new fans. In music marketing, saturation is the most important thing. Your group name should be in as many places as possible because, to put it simply, people are looking everywhere. So you should not miss any opportunity to be “found” by them.

Before we delve into the steps outlining the different methods, it’s important to change the way you think about marketing your group. Marketing isn’t just about running ads or encouragingly sharing social media posts, putting up posters at your local club or musical instrument store,  although those aren’t bad ideas at all.

Marketing can and should be woven into everything you do as a group when it comes to public relations. Ordinary things can turn out to be appropriate and have a much greater effect and impact than you expected.

  1. Take your website and blogging seriously.Building a personal page and informative blog is a key tool for connecting with fans. Through it you can keep them informed about all the happenings. Capturing moments from every step of your career and posting them on your blog will build a large database of information for you. Getting your fans into the habit of browsing the blog and anticipating news will create a lasting bond between the band and the fans. Sometimes that connection is the reason and the difference between a crowded club when you have a presence and an empty club with a few casuals in front of you. Fans love that intimacy when they feel a part of your life. This makes them feel special, and this two-way relationship is in your very best interest.

    Keeping a news blog about your band may seem like a stale and boring activity, but remember how you felt when you learned something interesting about your favorite band or artist. The appearance of the website and the blog is something very different and absolutely unique. It cannot be replaced by the posts on social sharing sites. A group’s identity is the most important part of its image. Your own image and the messages you have are much more direct and valuable when presented in a place of your own with a design and look that reinforces your messages and tells more about you . It builds and maintains your authenticity like no other medium can.

  1. Send messages to fans reminding them of you.A good reason is, for example, to thank them for attending some of your participation. Thank them for their support and for being your fans. In fact, the evaluation they give you gives you the motivation to make music. Let them know that their support is noticed by you. By sending personal messages you maintain and strengthen the relationship with fans and will probably create the most loyal fans. Through personal messages through social sites, you will show that their support for you is something much more special and something much different than purely material interest. This way you will show them that you care, even more they will be super excited about your relationship and more than likely will share with other of their friends – your potential new fans.
  1. Regionally target your Facebook postsIf you have a live show coming up in another city, it’s best to let your fans in the region know about it. By geo-positioning your posts, you’ll reach your fans there more directly. It may seem counterintuitive to limit a portion of your audience this way, but you’ll be customizing the connection to specific fans, which is much better. In addition, it is mandatory to share a link to the upcoming event with a specific location in the city and time. This is how you prompt your fans there to share with others. This is how you tell those fans directly that you will be there and meet them and they meet you 🙂
  1. Give and takeBy forming connections with other groups, companies and brands, you will tap into different groups and communication environments – ultimately to new potential fans. Thank the company you buy your strings from for support. Share the satisfaction of feeling unique in the clothes from the company you bought them from. Recommend music to the artist who came to greet you. By engaging with these brands and people, sharing that with them and with your fans, it is likely and possible that they will do the same for you.
  1. Be there while you’re gone.Good luck with that! 🙂 One of the hardest things for anyone is to take people’s attention and show up where it’s not there. Of course not directly, but through materials he leaves and distributes. Where people have nothing else to look at, other than “digging” on their phones or on the street. Be inventive. Leaflets, posters, the band logo and any material that reminds you of you in different forms. As they say trip people up with you. But before that, check that it is not interpreted as vandalism. Hey! It’s a war for attention! All means are allowed. Of course only the allowed ones 🙂 Not that I’m implying to put promotional materials in the toilet right where the eye falls until … but why not 🙂

    If you’re on a tight budget, show your fans that you’re up to date with modern times. Make them “special” cards or something that personally gives them a real discount.

  1. Go live in a busy place during peak hours.For example, in a mall or a music store. If your music is right, of course. An intimate acoustic live performance at the right venue can do wonders for you. There are countless examples of this. Give people an unforgettable experience with your music. They will probably be filming. They will share videos of your performances. Also provide some materials for the event. Also, think about how they will be informed about you and about your social channels and website. Expect your new fans after such events. Then read this post again 🙂
  1. Seek help from your fansYour most loyal fans will always be ready to lend a helping hand if you ask them to. For example distributing posters in their area in exchange for free tickets. Create a “share contest” on your social profiles. Most people understand and discover new music through their friends. So these “sharing” fans are your bridge to success! Be objective and don’t abuse. Be careful not to get carried away and make your fans feel like you’re using them. It is good in such situations, when you ask them for help and actions on their part, to offer something in return.
  1. Be part of the scene.This is something so clear and simple that everyone will be surprised that we mention it. When you only organize your own events and don’t attend similar events, then you probably won’t expect others to come to your show. So when you attend shows of other bands you like and are with them in photos and videos, it will be interesting material for fans. Thus, the probability that new fans will learn about you and your band is objective and it is a matter of time and a little effort on your part to present yourself even in a place where others do live. Talk to other visitors. Listen, support, recommend and be part of the social and musical life.
  1. Express opinions and be socially engagedBy taking a stand on issues of public importance, you are indirectly telling your fans a story about you and your beliefs. Properly presented, your opinions can be a great marketing opportunity for interviews with various media outlets and publications. Thus, your opinion and position is a potential subject of further development, media interest and publicity. This will bring like-minded people and fans who stand behind you and your cause. However, you should be very well informed and the things you say should be supported by facts. Otherwise, it can get pretty awkward.
  2. Share more.Presenting and sharing your story more interestingly is the best way to gain and keep your fans. People are always curious to see behind the scenes. Modern technology makes this possible easier than ever. Take photos, videos and post them on your blog. Share what is published on social internet channels. Also share your opinions and experiences. Tell fans about the tour you just finished or the concert you headlined or opened for a big band. Give them backstage shots. Make them feel a part of your musical life. This emotion that you share with them, you will get back from them on your next life.

    Fans like bands they can relate to outside of the music. Give them something to read. Share with them and they will patiently wait to see what comes next!