Microphone Cables Comparison

Finally we did the test which has long had intended. Comparison of microphone cables that are presented is done as pink noise recorded from the output of the sound card and another channel is stored as the signal passes through the respective cables. The test is not legal for advertising or commercial purposes and for personal experimental purposes. To make the recording audio interface is used Apollo Quad of Universal Audio. For analysis of the recorded material is used Isotope Ozone. Graphically presented the necessary frequency adjustments should be made to make it as original. That is, when the graph shown that a frequency is -2 dB, this means that in this cable has more than this frequency, and must be reduced to equal the original audio material.
Compared cables are:
– CORDIAL – 2×0,5 CMK 250
– BELDEN – 46349
– SOMMER – 2×0,25 (AWG 24)